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The exclusive Finish First Sports Success Training System (part 2)--->, FF Insider#11
December 11, 2014
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Finish First Sports Performance is the official training/performance coaching provider for the Youngstown Phantoms USHL Hockey Team, the Robert Morris Univeristy NCAA Division 1 Men's and Women's Ice Hockey Teams, the Pittsburgh Penguins Elite youth hockey organization, and the Miss Pennsylvania Scholarship Organization.

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1. Performance Article: The Exclusive Finish First Sports Success Training System (Part 2)

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The 3 Responsibilites of a Finish First Sports Performance Coach:

1. to make athletes mentally and physically fit for competition

2. to keep athletes mentally and physically fit in competition

3. to restore athletes mentally and physically after competition

The Exclusive Finish First Sports Success Training System (part 2)

By Jeremy S Hoy, MS, CSCS, PES, USAW, NASE Director of Performance Science and Coaching

As a follow up to the last newsletter (Issue 114) where we introduced, for the first time ever, several of the 11 Keys to the FINISH FIRST Sports Success Training System.

Each letter in the words FINISH FIRST represent an area or key component to our training system. This is the main recipe, or overview of what we have been able to use to produce results for 1000s of elite athletes and fitness clients over the last 15 years.

In Part 2 of this series, we will reveal a few more secret ingredients in the recipe!

The Exclusive Finish First Sports Success Training System:


Continued from Part I (where we explained F-I-N)

Individualized Training (Customized)

Over the last 15 years of training 1000s of athletes, we have had the greatest success and seen the biggest improvements in performance through the usage of individualized/customized training programs. All athletes we train are screened for muscle imbalances, weaknesses, or deficiencies that may increase your risk of injury or limit exercise selection. They are additionally tested for baseline fitness and performance using a battery of tests.

Our testing is intentionally difficult, to see which athletes have the mental fortitude to continue and complete the testing session. We have found that 100% of the time, athletes who do not complete the testing session, or athletes who quit a specific test, will also quit during the workout training sessions and typically don’t give 100% commitment to training and getter better daily.

Once we have the results of the screening and the testing, along with a specific schedule of availability and realistic goals, we are able to design an individually customized training program. Each program is created to continually progress each athlete towards his/her goal(s).

Speed, Quickness and Agility Training

Running or skating speed can be trained in the gym, using specific exercises to help develop first step or first push power, plus specific exercises and methods to reduce ground contact time (amount of time the foot is on the ground when running) and by increase ground reaction/contact force (or the amount of force produced by the athlete each time the foot contacts the ground when running).

This can be combined with specific running mechanics and drills for total body movement efficiency to produce a faster runner. Yes, we can go outside and do overspeed training and resisted running (sleds, bands, etc.), as well as utilize additional advanced speed enhancement methods, too.

We use multi-directional approach to quickness, and utilize a plethora of drills and exercises, such as dot drills, hex drills, low level jumps and hops, ladder drills, plus jump rope and jump rope sequences.

When addressing agility training, or change of direction, we teach it from a PHYSICS standpoint and use center of mass awareness (base of support, etc.). We teach deceleration first, to set up your next movement (react/act).

Research has also shown that many ACL and other knee injuries result from improper or poor deceleration or loading mechanics (yielding or eccentric loading). So, we teach the proper deceleration and loading mechanics to not only improve agility and game speed, but to also reduce an athlete’s risk of injury.

Specialized cone drills, along with line drills and other exercises are used to specifically address agility.

Habitually Successful Training and Mindset

Progress/Success in any training program is best accomplished through committing to a consistent training schedule, and giving 100% effort at every workout. In other words, making it a habit.

Giving 100% effort requires having the proper mindset as well. This means being focused on the task at hand, staying positive, having a ‘conquer all’ mentality and attitude, disciplined to be strict to the routine guidelines, motivated to give everything on every set and rep, having the fortitude to push through it no matter how difficult (never quit/never surrender attitude), and the visualization of you smashing through every lift/exercise.

Having the right mindset stems from effective goal setting and mental training techniques, coupled with controlling your attitude and focus.

Doing something every day to get better physically and mentally is part of Finishing First. We call this moving forward. You either move forward or backward. Make moving forward a habit.

Flexibility/Mobility Training

After 15 years of training and speaking to athletes, coaches, trainers, and parents all over the world, we still find that flexibility training is one of, if not THE, Most-neglected-training-component! Part of the reason is that in our busy world, it becomes difficult for most people to fit this into their schedule—even though, with the proper planning, it fits easily into anyone’s schedule.

Flexibility and mobility training, as we will address soon, is an important part of keeping the body in balance and keeping movement efficient. Specific stretching (and types) can be effective at correcting and preventing muscle/postural imbalances, which can significantly reduce one’s risk of injury and improve movement efficiency.

Adding stretching during rest between sets, or adding specific stretching exercises into any workout is an easy way to make sure the stretching gets included, and not neglected.


For specific examples of any of the 11 Keys, please contact us, register for one of our upcoming seminars or clinics, check out our products page, or search our website ( for articles or videos that may help you with your goals.

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Motivational Quote

"Discipline is doing what you know needs to be done, even though you don't want to. "
-- Author Unknown

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Coach Jeremy S. Hoy, MS, CSCS, PES, USAW, Jump Stretch, Inc. Certified,
Elite Performance Scientist

Finish First Sports Performance

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