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Finish First Sports Success Training System (pt3)-->, Issue#116
December 15, 2014
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Finish First Sports Performance is the official training/performance coaching provider for the Youngstown Phantoms USHL Hockey Team, the Robert Morris Univeristy NCAA Division 1 Men's and Women's Ice Hockey Teams, the Pittsburgh Penguins Elite youth hockey organization, and the Miss Pennsylvania Scholarship Organization.

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To bring you the very best information, this newsletter focuses on fitness and performance training principles for athletes and fitness clients, and how to use them to make sure you are on the right track. Enjoy!

1. Performance Article: The Exclusive Finish First Sports Success Training System (Part 3)

2. Special Announcements: Boot Camp Holiday Special (3 Months for $99/each), Submit Your Selfie Video, and Holiday Specials

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The 3 Responsibilites of a Finish First Sports Performance Coach:

1. to make athletes mentally and physically fit for competition

2. to keep athletes mentally and physically fit in competition

3. to restore athletes mentally and physically after competition

The Exclusive Finish First Sports Success Training System (part 3)

By Jeremy S Hoy, MS, CSCS, PES, USAW, NASE Director of Performance Science and Coaching

As a follow up to the last two newsletters (Issue 114 and 115) where we introduced, for the first time ever, several of the 11 Keys to the FINISH FIRST Sports Success Training System.

Each letter in the words FINISH FIRST represent an area or key component to our training system. This is the main recipe, or overview of what we have been able to use to produce results for 1000s of elite athletes and fitness clients over the last 15 years.

In Part 3 (Final part) of this series, we will reveal a few more secret ingredients in the recipe!

The Exclusive Finish First Sports Success Training System:


Continued from Parts I and II (where I explained F-I-N- I-S-H F-)

Imbalance Correction (Prehab, Rehab and Corrective Exercise for Kinetic Chain and Postural Alignment)

Our body produces movements the best when our kinetic chain is properly aligned. This is the body’s correct joint alignment from the bottom of the foot/ankle to the head/neck; and not just standing posture or kinetic chain alignment, but also during movement.

Consistently using improper, unbalanced training methods or exercises, doing patter overload (same exercises performed repetitively in the same plane of motion, with the same weight, at the same speed, with the same ROM), sustaining injuries, using repeated poor posture or having faulty movement patterns can all create imbalances in this alignment.

These imbalances can negatively affect the way we move; they affect joint range of motion, posture, and how movements occur.

Muscles function optimally from a pre-determined length, thus there is an optimum length-tension relationship.

If a muscle is too short or too long, then the length tension relationships are altered .

This altered relationship decreases force production and alters the force couple relationships (synergistic muscles working together to produce movement) and joint kinematics (alters the way a movement occurs).

Muscle tightness (think back to our message on flexibility training) can cause altered reciprocal inhibition and synergistic dominance (instead of being able to use the primary mover or muscle supposed to do the work, you will now place more stress on and potentially overwork a smaller muscle that is a synergist and only supposed to help with the movement—this added stress can increase your risk of injury!).

Look at it this way…with these imbalances, you will not be able to produce as much force as you would at the optimal range, or if a muscle is too short, it could create inhibition and decrease your range of motion at that joint, restricting your ability to fully utilize your strength/power in movements that require that joint for primary movement.—an example of this relationship is tightened/shortened hip flexors inhibiting the gluteus maximums from optimal range of motion and force production---very important for running/skating!.

So, it is extremely important to correct the imbalances through corrective exercises, or simply specific stretches or exercises to stretch tight muscles and to strengthen weak muscles. If the imbalances are a result of faulty movement patterns, then you must learn the proper patterns.

At Finish First Sports Performance, we carefully analyze movement patterns during sport participation and during the initial evaluation and screening process. We also make adjustments during the training season and work closely with a team of athletic trainers, physical therapists and chiropractors to make sure we are getting and keeping each athlete at optimal levels of movement and performance.

It is also important for each athlete to be aware when they are moving in an inefficient manner and to have them be consciously aware of when they are executing poor static or dynamic posture.

Recovery and Regeneration Techniques

When you train hard and give 100% consistently, your body will need to rest and recover, so you can repeat and continue to grow (regenerate) and improve.


It’s worth repeating, you need to be eating and drinking the right foods and beverages for optimally fueling the body, for repairing and building muscle tissue, and for general health benefits. And this needs to be every day. If you don’t know how this works, check out our athlete nutrition page online.

In addition to getting your nutrition in check, you need to make sure you are getting the right amount of sleep, typically 7.5-9 hour daily, with emphasis on deep, restful sleep, and getting through all the sleep cycles. Interrupted sleep, or sleep where you awaken mid-cycle will leave you feeling tired the rest of the day.

You can typically achieve all the stages in 1 full sleep cycle in 90 minutes. So 7.5 hours would be 5 cycles. Research has shown that if you had 8 hours of sleep, and were awake at 30 minutes into your next 90 minute cycle, your mind and body would ‘crave’ that last 60 minutes or more of sleep the rest of the day. So, try to plan your sleep around 90 minute cycles. Experiment with this and find what works best for you.

Knowing how important sleep and nutrition are in the grand scheme is a great starting point. Implement a sound nutritional and sleep plan will put you ahead of the game and get you on the right path to success.

Between workouts, games, or practices, it is also important to take care of your soft tissue and help facilitate the repairing process. Foam rollers, lacrosse balls, baseballs, softballs, PVC pipe, etc., are often used as tools for self myofascial release or self massage. For a video on foam rolling techniques, please visit and check out our free foam rolling videos.

Getting a sports massage by a licensed massage therapist can also be very helpful in addressing specific ‘problem’ areas.

Chiropractors, athletic trainers, and physical therapists, all of which have their own specialty and work well as a synergistic performance team, can also be very useful in keeping your body in balance and running smoothly on all cylinders during your annual performance plan.

Without a recovery plan, your performance will begin to suffer and you are at a much higher risk of injury, imbalance, and overuse issues.

Specificity of Training (Sport, Training Age)

While it is important to begin with general (foundational) training and improving work capacity, as part of an athlete’s individualization with his/her training program, it is important to be acutely aware of sport participation and the needs/demands of each sport for each athlete.

Specificity is typically applied to energy system development (also known to most coaches and athletes simply as ‘conditioning’ for the sport). The longer an athlete has been training and the more advanced s/he becomes, the more specificity can be applied to the training regimen and methodology to continue to produce a higher transfer of the training to his/her sport skill.

Training age is important to make sure the athlete is beginning with the correct general (foundational) training protocols specific to his/her chronological age AND training age. Training age is how long the athlete has been training under professional guidance/instruction and chronological age is the athlete’s actual age from birth. For instance, there could be two 14 year old athletes (chronological age); one is new to training and one has been training for 2 years.

The individualized training programs would reflect the specific exercises and methods that would be appropriate for each, which would be different based on their difference in training age. Physical and mental maturity is also taken into consideration when programming for optimal results and effectiveness.

Training for Stability, Balance, and Coordination

As a general rule, an athlete should always train in a stable environment and master this before move to an unstable training environment.

Stability training should be utilized for all joints and in different planes of movement.

Balance is often made too complicated, and should be both SAFE and EFFECTIVE. Doing crazy stunts and gimmicky or flashy balance and ‘stability’ training exercises should be kept for the circus, not the gym.

Athletes are required to balance and stabilize when executing single leg exercises, especially when moving, such as a walking lunge, in any direction. Squatting on one foot, in bare feet, or on a towel, or other slightly unstable surface can help with joint stability or balance.

Again, pushing the extremes here is just a gimmick, and there is no proof that this will improve a persons performance in proportion to the risk it may pose for injury, or for the time it takes to perform the exercise.

If you are not in a specific balance sport (think certain events in gymnastics), then you shouldn’t need to be spending enormous amounts of time doing balance training. It would be taking away from the time you should be spending doing exercises that would be more beneficial to you and your development.

Coordination is a gained benefit from doing specific quickness and speed drills, or adding in multi-joint, multi-movement-plane, and multi-speed exercises.


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