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Training the Long Term Model--Issue 124
December 12, 2016
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Long Term Athlete Development

By Jeremy S Hoy, MS, CSCS, PES, USAW, NASE, TPI1
Performance Coaching Team Leader

Although there are a variety of models utilized by sports organizations around the world, one of the most affective and organized models for performance training and athlete development is one that was created and popularized by Istvan Balyi. Taking both training age and chronological age into consideration, this model shows how to target specific skill sets during selected 'windows of opportunity' where the athlete will adapt more responsively and at a quicker rate of development than during other times.

Within the United State Olympic organization, there are NGB's (National Governing Bodies) that oversee the development of each particular Olympic Sport. This is not much different than other sports from a global perspective, such as Hockey Canada, AUS Rugby, etc. These NGBs have spent considerable effort fine-tuning their own long term development models, to have the athletes primed for peak performance during their Olympic (professional) years, and to continue to be active beyond their competitive years.

At Finish First Sports Performance, we have been employing a long term approach to training since 2000, and have found a great deal of development success and injury reduction in doing so. If you are not following a long term model, and cross training the specific areas needed for long term balance, then please invest some time and learn about the long term models being used.

The goal is not to have an athlete playing his/her best when they are 12 years old, but to keep developing and progressing throughout the adolescent years. There is a way to balance training for the here and now and the long term to maximize performance AND decrease injury risk.

Please view the link below to get a more detailed visual layout of a long term model with 'windows of training opportunity.'

Additionally, for a closer look at the Finish First Sports Performance long term model, or information about the model we teach at coaching clinics, please email us at

Long Term Athlete Development Model

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"You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water."
-- R. Tagore

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