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Jeremy Hoy

Jeremy Hoy - Steelers

Born and raised on a beef farm, outside of a rural town in central Pennsylvania, Jeremy grew up playing sports, working hard, and learning the value of finding a way to get things done. Growing up on a farm, and juggling sports and honors academics taught him about discipline, commitment, and hard work.

He began organized sports competition at the age of 5. He is the middle of 3 boys, all who worked hard to make the most of the opportunities presented to them. As the son of an avid athlete and coach, coaching has always been in his blood.

"Working on the farm at an early age I was often lifting 100 pound bags of feed, or buckets of water, tossing around bales of hay, or carrying large stones and other large objects from the field. I also remember carrying these objects across the barnyard and doing whatever it took not to let go or drop anything?not too bad for a skinny 11 year old."

With two busy parents, and the time commitment needed on the farm, he wasn't able to travel to the nearest town for team training . He was forced to improvise his training routine and use non-conventional training methods and apparatus. Using creativity and lessons from generations of strong farmers and workers, he was able to report each year for his sports seasons in better shape and stronger than others on his teams. It was at this time that he realized there were many ways to achieve great results through hard training and commitment to a purpose. Little did he know at that time, that what he was learning, and the type of training he was doing, would prove to be some of the most beneficial training available today.

"I used to spend my summers on the farm physically lifting and tossing around as many heavy items as possible. I would also offer my services for hire to any farmers within walking, biking, or running distance. Imagine a 12 or 13 year old boy asking a farmer to hire him to walk around his fields with a wheelbarrow and a shovel to remove all of the big, heavy rocks that may be damaging the farm equipment and slowing down the harvesting process?it didn't take long for word to spread and I soon found myself lifting heavy rocks and tossing heavy bales of hay all summer long?"

At the age of 13, Jeremy was taken under the wing of his uncle, an avid power lifter and strong man, and patient teacher and communicator, to learn how to properly begin using weight training to help his athletic performance. It was at this time the he found a passion for weight training and exercise, and has worked hard to develop that passion and help others in need.

Later, when Jeremy was 14, with the help of his grandfather, his father converted a section of the barn into a sports facility-he put up a basketball hoop inside the barn and lined the floor with wrestling mats.

"Even after working 12-14 hour days, I remember my father taking the time to work with me and my brothers on pitching and running bases and hitting in baseball. I am especially thankful for him connecting and knowing enough to find the resources to help us learn wrestling, and weight training when he felt this was not his area of expertise."

"My dad and grandpap are the two hardest working men I've ever known. I've had great role models in my life that exemplified hard work, honor, and that mental toughness that most people only hear about in books or see on the big-screen. I was fortunate enough to live it and breathe it every day."

 His training began as bodyweight training and farm training as a young kid and progressed to intense weight training sessions instructed by his uncle, beginning at age 13. He early training routines consisted of such things as running, hill sprints, off-road climbing and mountain running, hill jumps, farming (carrying cows, throwing bales of hay, chopping wood, carrying and pressing logs, pull-ups using tree branches, push-ups, digging holes, driving fence posts in hard ground, moving heavy rocks-odd shaped objects-out of fields, heavy unbalanced wheelbarrow training-and then included weightlifting exercises such as squats, deadlifts, cleans, bench press, and a large number of additional exercises.

At an early age, Jeremy was an avid reader and learner of the health sciences, including nutrition, and was able to successfully learn how to pack on muscle for football and then quickly and safely lose bodyfat while maintaining strength and power for wrestling season. Then, after wrestling season, he learned how to quickly pack on useful muscle to increase strength and power for track and field.

After high school, he went to Susquehanna University for 2 years, where he majored in Athletic Training, before transferring to Slippery Rock University (SRU). He graduated from SRU with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science, and then he attended California University of Pennsylvania for his Master's Degree in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention.

While in college, Hoy competed in Track and Field (Discus, Javelin, Shot Put), wrestling (197lbs, heavyweight)(NCAA Division 1), and played football (outside linebacker, defensive end). He is an active supporter of the Slippery Rock Univeristy wrestling Alumni Association.

Professionally, Jeremy has the highest credentials a coach can receive. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association), certified Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) with the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), a Certified Speed Specialist with NASE, and a certified Flex Band specialist by Jump Stretch, Inc.

He has coaching experience working as a performance coach at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center, Duquesne University, Robert Morris University, as well as a variety of other coaching positions with athletes at many different levels.

Jeremy Hoy - RMU Hockey

As an athletic performance coach, he has directed and hosted many summer performance camps and clinics, speed and agility camps, and team training programs for sports such as hockey, wrestling, soccer, football, basketball, and tennis. He is the director and off-ice director of the annual NHL Style Elite Hockey Camp in Pittsburgh, featuring Jay Caufield and Rick Tocchet.

Coach Hoy is also recognized by various forums as an authority on training for ice hockey, wrestling, MMA, preventing injuries in young athletes, speed training, and women's sports and fitness.

Additionally, he is a highly sought after speaker/clinician and lectures each year on speed training and training for ice hockey at the Annual Pennsylvania State Strength and Conditioning Clinic attended by strength and conditioning professionals, athletic trainers, physical therapists and sports medicine professionals.

Jeremy and Mayra Hoy

Jeremy currently resides in Pittsburgh's south hills with his wife and four children.

Athletic Performance Coach: Tyler Kubicek

Tyler Kubicek was born and raised in Greensburg, PA. Growing up, he was a huge sports fan. His passion for sports led him to begin participating in organized athletics at the age of eight when he started playing football, basketball, and practicing martial arts.

Over the course of his childhood and into adolescence, Tyler was taught that if he wanted anything in life, he was going to have to work hard to get it. He never received an allowance or had his parents give him money to go out and buy the latest fad that all of his friends had. That early life lesson, along with a few others, helped develop his current independence, commitment, and goal driven mentality.

At the age of 14, Tyler applied for his first "real job" at an amusement park. It was not long before his hard work and leadership abilities were noticed. At the age of 16, he was promoted to manager of his department and was in charge of co-workers that were up to five years older than him. This was a difficult task, but one that he embraced because he was confident that he could take on the responsibilities of such a demanding position, even at his young age. His managerial position helped him develop his interpersonal and leaderships skills while learning some of the basics of management and business.

Entering his freshman year of high school, Tyler stood 5'3" and weighed 115lbs. He was no longer able to physically compete in the sport that he loved (football) and was forced to find alternative sports that his current stature would allow him to compete in at a high level. He decided to run track, cross country, and join the swim team. Tyler quickly excelled at all three sports and eventually became the captain of each team.

Around the time of his junior year, he hit a growth spurt that would change his life forever. Tyler grew from 5'3" to 6'1" in just under a year. His growth spurt, coupled with his demanding training schedule, which now included running, swimming, and weight training every day, year round, started to take a toll on his body. He began experiencing extreme lower back and hip pain, which eventually migrated to his right knee and ankle. Seeking the help of a Chiropractor, Tyler became intrigued by human anatomy and physiology. He wanted to know why these injuries were occurring to his body and what he could do to fix them and prevent future injury. This newly found fascination, coupled with his love of sports, exercise, and nutrition were his first steps toward a fulfilling career.

After graduating from Greensburg Salem high school, Tyler attended Slippery Rock University (SRU) where he majored in Exercise Science. During his senior year, he completed his internship at Finish First Sports Performance, where he discovered a passion for Sports Performance training while learning from Coach Jeremy Hoy. Tyler graduated from SRU with his Bachelor's of Science degree in Exercise Science in 2011.

Immediately after graduation, Tyler began working as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Finish First. He continued to learn more about the profession every day while having the unique opportunity to work with a wide variety of athletes and clientele. Realizing that the Finish First training method was proven to be successful for thousands of athletes, Tyler wanted to learn as much as he could from Coach Hoy, while also studying the profession in his personal time.

In 2012, Tyler continued his education at California University of Pennsylvania. Eventually, he earned his Master's Degree in Exercise Science, specializing in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention.

His professional certifications include:

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • Speed and Explosion Specialist with the National Academy of Speed and Explosion (NASE)
  • Health Fitness Specialist (HFS) with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
  • CPR/AED with the American Red Cross

Athletic Performance Coach: Ron Cramer

Ron Cramer

Ron Cramer was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Early in life he showed an interest in everything related to sports. He participated in baseball and basketball in elementary and middle school but it was an accidental trip into a local ice hockey rink that would significantly alter his life.

From the first time his skates hit the ice he excelled in the sport. From that day forward, he was constantly traveling around the country with members of his family with aspirations of competing at the highest level.

Since the age of eight he has been competing at the AAA level for various programs in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Cramer continued to climb the ranks until he reached the under 18 level. As a junior in high school he was playing for the Pittsburgh Hornets, a team that would place third in the USA hockey National Championships. The following season would mark the next big step in his hockey career as he would accept an offer to join the Indiana Ice of the United States Hockey League.

The USHL is the only tier 1 junior hockey league in North America. Along with making this large jump in his hockey career, he was able to graduate high school during the same time. After graduation, Cramer was able to focus solely on his advancing his hockey career with the aspirations of playing at the division one hockey level. Over the next two and a half seasons Ron lived in Indiana with a billet family and was able to grow both on and off the ice, it was during this time that he began being approached by division one schools.

After weighing his options Ron decided to return to his hometown and play NCAA college hockey for Robert Morris University. During his first season at RMU, he experienced many ups and downs highlighted by a run to the conference championship before falling in overtime to Bemidji State, a team that would ultimately make a run to the frozen four.

After the 2008-2009 season, the team began training under Jeremy Hoy. It was then that Ron fell in love with the training aspect of the sport and everything that accompanies it. Over the next three years at Robert Morris the team continued to train under Jeremy and showed significant improvement each year. 2011-2012 was the last season Ron had NCAA eligibility and at the end of the school year he graduated with honors with a degree in biology and began deciding what the future held for him.

He still had interest in playing but also was considering medical school. He decided to sign with a professional team in Florida and continue studying for the MCAT while playing. In February 2013 he flew home from Florida and wrote the test and returned to his team when it was completed.

His first year of professional hockey ended with his team winning a championship and left him the difficult decision of what to do next. The team retained his rights for the following season and offered him a contract, and he had applications out to various medical schools.

However it was his love of training that would ultimately lead him to pursue a master's degree in Exercise Science specializing in performance enhancement and injury prevention. This would allow him to play one more season and get him involved in a field which he truly had passion for.

At the end of the 2013-2014 season he retired from hockey and would turn his focus strictly towards coaching. In the summer of 2014 he finished his pursuit of a master's degree which he earned with honors.

Immediately after graduating Ron began working at Finish First and began learning as much as he could from his mentor, Jeremy Hoy. Ron currently resides in Robinson PA, works at Finish First Sports, is a coach in the Pittsburgh Penguins Elite organization, and runs camps, clinics, and individual skill sessions for young hockey players.

He is a Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and a Speed and Explosion Specialist with the National Academy of Speed and Explosion (NASE).

Christian Hanson"Coach Jeremy Hoy and Finish First is one of if not the main reason I am where I am today. If it were not for his sport-specific training programs, I could only have dreamt of making it this far. Any athlete who has any aspirations of making it to the next level is foolish to not train with Finish First. Regardless of your current skill, going anywhere else to train is a waste of time, money and talent."
--Christian Hanson, NHL Boston Bruins/AHL Providence Bruins
Miss Pennsylvania America 2011, Juliann Sheldon "Training for the Miss America pageant included 6 weeks of intense training at Finish First Sports performance. Coach Jeremy Hoy put my physical endurance to the test and pushed me to my limit. In those intense weeks of physical preparation, I truly learned what It meant to be an athlete. Training at FFSP can help ANY pageant girl become an athlete - She will look and feel her very best. ..."
--Miss Pennsylvania America 2011, Juliann Sheldon
Matt Bartkowski with the Bruins "As you progress in hockey and aspire to get to higher levels, your off season training becomes increasingly important. Once I started training at Finish First I noticed a difference in my strength, speed, and power on and off the ice. There is no better place for a hockey player to train than Finish First. Where I am now in my career I can credit to Finish First, and I know continuing my training there will get me where I want to be."
--Matt Bartkowski, NHL Boston Bruins/AHL Providence Bruins
Miss Pennsylvania America 2010, Courtney Thomas "Working out at Finish First Sports Performance with Jeremy Hoy was by far the best workout experience I've ever had. I spent six weeks going to FFSP two and three times a day and each time I had a unique workout that helped me achieve the results I desired. Jeremy was always so encouraging and pushed me both physically and mentally to reach my full potential. I went to Miss America in the best shape of my life and felt so confident and prepared..."
--Miss Pennsylvania America 2010, Courtney Thomas
Brianne McLaughlin, Goaltender, USA Women's Olympic Ice Hockey Team "Finish First has helped me to perform at my best and to be in the best shape possible in order to compete at the highest level. Jeremy's motivational attitude and custom workouts allow me to get the most out of my training - which is geared towards making me a better hockey player AND stronger athlete. His specialized drills and exercises for goalies, and for improving my dynamic vision, have had an immediate transfer to what I need on the ice. ..."
--Brianne McLaughlin, Goaltender, USA Women's Olympic Ice Hockey Team
Miss Pennsylvania America 2009, Shannon Doyle "I spent six weeks at Finish First Sports Performance working intensely with Coach Hoy to prepare for the Miss America pageant. I worked out three times a day, every day! Coach Hoy pushed me harder than I ever could have imagined possible. When I felt defeated, he always had an inspirational story or quote to re-inspire me, and then he would push me harder. Jeremy saw an inner-strength and confidence in me even when I struggled to see it in myself. ..."
--Miss Pennsylvania America 2009, Shannon Doyle
Chris Kushneriuk, Professional Hockey Player for the Bakersfield Condors "Prior to training with Jeremy Hoy and the team at Finish First, one of the biggest knocks I received from coaches was my endurance. I would slowly wear down as the season went on, which would make me lose a step in a game where every inch is so important. Since I began my off-season training with Jeremy's programs in the summer of 09' this has no longer been an issue. ...Jeremy has made me a much more explosive and confident power forward. ..."
--Chris Kushneriuk, Professional Hockey Player for the Bakersfield Condors
Brock Meadows, Professional Hockey Player, Texas Brahmas "Jeremy Hoy and Finish First Sports Performance has by far been the best sport-specific training I've ever experienced. I've played for many teams and have had countless different trainers and training programs, and they weren't even close. The program is designed for me as a hockey player, to improve my performance on the ice. Hoy's program allowed me to stand out in hockey and move on to the next level. ..."
--Brock Meadows, Professional Hockey Player, Texas Brahmas
Elyse Healy, Top 10 Miss PA 2010 "Having competed at the local, state and national levels before coming to Jeremy, I always knew how I wanted to look but never got precisely the results I was striving for. With FFSP, I was able to SURPASS my expectations and become the strongest competitor I could be. Combined with expertise in training, nutrition and overall health, I thank Jeremy and his staff for making me both mentally and physically STRONG! ..."
--Elyse Healy, Top 10 Miss PA 2010
Shauna Rice, 2009 & 2010 Preliminary Swimsuit Winner and Top 5 Finish "I trained under Jeremy Hoy at Finish First Sports Performance in preparations for the 2009 and 2010 Miss Pennsylvania pageants. I am proud to say that I was a preliminary swimsuit award winner both years! Jeremy gives his full attention to his clients and creates their routines and diet plans specifically for them. Jeremy trained me in ways I have never experienced before. New exercises, new muscles, and new pains! ..."
--Shauna Rice, 2009 & 2010 Preliminary Swimsuit Winner and Top 5 Finish
Denny Urban, Professional Hockey Player, Reading Royals "Each and every year you need to make sure that you are in your top shape when heading into the season. With the customized training that Jeremy Hoy and Finish First gives you, you get into your top shape so you have that edge over the other people. I can credit Finish First and Jeremy Hoy for where I am now in my career and where I want to be. If you are serious about making it to the next level and want to gain that edge over the others then I recommend training with Jeremy Hoy and Finish First."
--Denny Urban, Professional Hockey Player, Reading Royals
Michael Houser, Goaltender, London Knights (OHL) "Jeremy and the coaches at Finish First Sports Performance have helped me prepare for each hockey season through intense hockey specific training. With the rigorous schedule of major junior hockey, my training experience at Finish First has helped me to stay strong and not wear down through the long season, and helped me to finish the year as strong and explosive as I started it."
--Michael Houser, Goaltender, London Knights (OHL)
OHL Player of the year 2011-12
CHL Goaltender of the year 2011-12
Theo 'Teddy' Ruth, NHL Columbus Blue Jackets/AHL Springfield Falcons "Even though I live and train in Chicago during the summer, I am able to stay in touch with Coach Hoy and get weekly programs that really help me prepare for the upcoming season."
--Theo "Teddy" Ruth, NHL Columbus Blue Jackets/AHL Springfield Falcons
Derek Schooley, NCAA Division 1 Men's Ice Hockey Head Coach "Jeremy Hoy knows hockey and hockey specific training. I have watched many elite players over the years train with him and they are always prepared, in good shape and ready to go when the season starts."
--Derek Schooley, NCAA Division 1 Men's Ice Hockey Head Coach
Anthony Noreen, Head Coach, Youngstown Phantoms USHL Ice Hockey Team "We pride ourselves on being the hardest working/best conditioned team in the USHL and Coach Hoy makes that possible. His knowledge, attention to detail, and no-nonsense approach to training pushes our players to their maximum potential. When players leave our program I have no doubt that they will bring with them the strength, power and conditioning to help them excel at the level. We have Jeremy to thank for that."
--Anthony Noreen, Head Coach, Youngstown Phantoms USHL Ice Hockey Team
Maeve Gallagher, 3-Sport College Athlete, MTV Made Celebrity "Training with Coach Hoy at Finish First not only helped me in my MTV Made pageant performance but also as a collegiate athlete -- it was the best training I've received in 20 years of being an athlete. Going into my pageant experience as an athlete I felt I had the advantage of the fitness and swim suit routine, but soon realized I was wrong... Coach Hoy provided me with a workout that not only got me in phenomenal pageant shape but also was still helping with my athletic career..."
--Maeve Gallagher, 3-Sport College Athlete, MTV Made Celebrity

November 12, 2014 - 2014 Hockey Development Clinic: Off-ice Strategies for Optimizing On Ice Performance
Hosted at Pure Hockey, Pittsburgh (Neville Island), this clinic will cover such topics as Skating mechanics--Skating Conditioning--Using a skating treadmill--Olympic mindset--Elite level goaltending—Dynamic Vision Training—Specific Nutrition tips for ice hockey--Sleep and Performance--Flexibility Training—Muscle Imbalances--In-season Strength & Conditioning; $45 to attend, limit to first 75 entrants. Sign up today. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Date TBD - Pageant Fitness Weekend Workshop
Details coming soon!

Through December 25, 2014 - The Pittsburgh Sports and Fitness Academy
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