The Exclusive Finish First Sports Success Training System:


Foundational Training (General Preparation) 
While sport specific training gets most of the buzz, it is the general physical preparation or foundational and prep work that should be utilized as the starting point for the athlete. Like building a fortress, castle, or skyscraper, creating a solid foundation lays the framework to build a strong and solid structure, or body. We utilize several different training methods to develop a strong foundation, that includes total body movements, movements in different planes, movements utilizing different muscle actions (concentric, eccentric, isometric), general metabolic conditioning, while targeting a variety of motor abilities such as strength, power, and speed (different types) and focusing on improving work capacity. Foundational training is general, which all developing athletes need, especially during the adolescent years, allowing the athlete to develop in all areas and keep the body in balance.

Intensity (strength/power) (of load, workout) 
Different intensities or percentages of max or workload produce different results in the body, both neurologically and muscularly. We employ methods of programming that vary the percentage (which has a matching repetition range) to get the specific results needed for that phase of training, and to further develop the athlete towards performance goals. Our workouts are very challenging, which requires the athlete to rise to a level of ‘intensity’ to achieve during each session, which in turn produces excellent results. Our intensity protocols (or percentage periodization/methods) are backed by years of international research and experience producing incredible results on the global stage. Intensities or work loads used will be age appropriate (chronological and training ages), and will be varied for optimal progress.

 Nervous System Training (Power, Plyometrics) 
Simply put, the nervous system controls all training. There needs to be a stimulus to create an action, whether it’s reflexive, reactive, or active. We use specific training methods to elicit the greatest training effect from the nervous system. For instance, there is a multitude of types of power training, all of which target specific trainable outcomes from the nervous system. The end goal is to generate as much force as quickly as possible (power). This can also be viewed as recruiting as many muscle fibers as possible to produce a movement as quickly as possible. Without getting too scientific, for general maximum power output, we train to maximize strength (fiber usage, tensile and ligamentous strength) and train for rapid fiber recruitment (rate of force development). There are many effective methods to do this. We use the most appropriate method for each individual matched with their training level and their specific training needs.

Plyometric exercises are also used to train a different type of power, including reactive plyometric exercises for reactive power; the ultimate goal being to choose training methods and exercises that will have the highest transfer to a specific sport skill (transfer of training) once the general training foundation is laid.

 Individualized Training (Customized) 
Over the last 15 years of training 1000s of athletes, we have had the greatest success and seen the biggest improvements in performance through the usage of individualized/customized training programs. All athletes we train are screened for muscle imbalances, weaknesses, or deficiencies that may increase your risk of injury or limit exercise selection. They are additionally tested for baseline fitness and performance using a battery of tests. Our testing is intentionally difficult, to see which athletes have the mental fortitude to continue and complete the testing session. We have found that 100% of the time, athletes who do not complete the testing session, or athletes who quit a specific test, will also quit during the workout training sessions and typically don’t give 100% commitment to training and getter better daily.

Once we have the results of the screening and the testing, along with a specific schedule of availability and realistic goals, we are able to design an individually customized training program. Each program is created to continually progress each athlete towards his/her goal(s).

 Speed, Quickness and Agility Training 
Running or skating speed can be trained in the gym, using specific exercises to help develop first step or first push power, plus specific exercises and methods to reduce ground contact time (amount of time the foot is on the ground when running) and by increase ground reaction/contact force (or the amount of force produced by the athlete each time the foot contacts the ground when running). This can be combined with specific running mechanics and drills for total body movement efficiency to produce a faster runner. Yes, we can go outside and do overspeed training and resisted running (sleds, bands, etc.), as well as utilize additional advanced speed enhancement methods, too.

We use multi-directional approach to quickness, and utilize a plethora of drills and exercises, such as dot drills, hex drills, low level jumps and hops, ladder drills, plus jump rope and jump rope sequences.

When addressing agility training, or change of direction, we teach it from a PHYSICS standpoint and use center of mass awareness (base of support, etc.). We teach deceleration first, to set up your next movement (react/act). Research has also shown that many ACL and other knee injuries result from improper or poor deceleration or loading mechanics (yielding or eccentric loading). So, we teach the proper deceleration and loading mechanics to not only improve agility and game speed, but to also reduce an athlete’s risk of injury.

Specialized cone drills, along with line drills and other exercises are used to specifically address agility.

Habitually Successful Training and Mindset 
Progress/Success in any training program is best accomplished through committing to a consistent training schedule, and giving 100% effort at every workout. In other words, making it a habit.

Giving 100% effort requires having the proper mindset as well. This means being focused on the task at hand, staying positive, having a ‘conquer all’ mentality and attitude, disciplined to be strict to the routine guidelines, motivated to give everything on every set and rep, having the fortitude to push through it no matter how difficult (never quit/never surrender attitude), and the visualization of you smashing through every lift/exercise.

Having the right mindset stems from effective goal setting and mental training techniques, coupled with controlling your attitude and focus.

Doing something every day to get better physically and mentally is part of Finishing First. We call this moving forward. You either move forward or backward. Make moving forward a habit.

Our athletes train with persistence and purpose in everything they do, striving to become better each day.

Flexibility/Mobility Training 
After 15 years of training and speaking to athletes, coaches, trainers, and parents all over the world, we still find that flexibility training is one of, if not THE, Most-neglected-training-component! Part of the reason is that in our busy world, it becomes difficult for most people to fit this into their schedule—even though, with the proper planning, it fits easily into anyone’s schedule.

Flexibility and mobility training, as we will address soon, is an important part of keeping the body in balance and keeping movement efficient. Specific stretching (and types) can be effective at correcting and preventing muscle/postural imbalances, which can significantly reduce one’s risk of injury and improve movement efficiency.

Adding stretching during rest between sets, or adding specific stretching exercises into any workout is an easy way to make sure the stretching gets included, and not neglected.

Imbalance Correction (Prehab, Rehab and Corrective Exercise for Kinetic Chain and Postural Alignment) 
Our body produces movements the best when our kinetic chain is properly aligned. This is the body’s correct joint alignment from the bottom of the foot/ankle to the head/neck; and not just standing posture or kinetic chain alignment, but also during movement.

Consistently using improper, unbalanced training methods or exercises, doing patter overload (same exercises performed repetitively in the same plane of motion, with the same weight, at the same speed, with the same ROM), sustaining injuries, using repeated poor posture or having faulty movement patterns can all create imbalances in this alignment.

These imbalances can negatively affect the way we move; they affect joint range of motion, posture, and how movements occur.

Muscles function optimally from a pre-determined length, thus there is an optimum length-tension relationship.

If a muscle is too short or too long, then the length tension relationships are altered .

This altered relationship decreases force production and alters the force couple relationships (synergistic muscles working together to produce movement) and joint kinematics (alters the way a movement occurs).

Muscle tightness (think back to our message on flexibility training) can cause altered reciprocal inhibition and synergistic dominance (instead of being able to use the primary mover or muscle supposed to do the work, you will now place more stress on and potentially overwork a smaller muscle that is a synergist and only supposed to help with the movement—this added stress can increase your risk of injury!).

Look at it this way...with these imbalances, you will not be able to produce as much force as you would at the optimal range, or if a muscle is too short, it could create inhibition and decrease your range of motion at that joint, restricting your ability to fully utilize your strength/power in movements that require that joint for primary movement.—an example of this relationship is tightened/shortened hip flexors inhibiting the gluteus maximums from optimal range of motion and force production---very important for running/skating!.

So, it is extremely important to correct the imbalances through corrective exercises, or simply specific stretches or exercises to stretch tight muscles and to strengthen weak muscles. If the imbalances are a result of faulty movement patterns, then you must learn the proper patterns.

At Finish First Sports Performance, we carefully analyze movement patterns during sport participation and during the initial evaluation and screening process. We also make adjustments during the training season and work closely with a team of athletic trainers, physical therapists and chiropractors to make sure we are getting and keeping each athlete at optimal levels of movement and performance.

It is also important for each athlete to be aware when they are moving in an inefficient manner and to have them be consciously aware of when they are executing poor static or dynamic posture.

Recovery and Regeneration Techniques 
When you train hard and give 100% consistently, your body will need to rest and recover, so you can repeat and continue to grow (regenerate) and improve.


It's worth repeating, you need to be eating and drinking the right foods and beverages for optimally fueling the body, for repairing and building muscle tissue, and for general health benefits. And this needs to be every day. If you don’t know how this works, check out our athlete nutrition page.

In addition to getting your nutrition in check, you need to make sure you are getting the right amount of sleep, typically 7.5-9 hour daily, with emphasis on deep, restful sleep, and getting through all the sleep cycles. Interrupted sleep, or sleep where you awaken mid-cycle will leave you feeling tired the rest of the day.

You can typically achieve all the stages in 1 full sleep cycle in 90 minutes. So 7.5 hours would be 5 cycles. Research has shown that if you had 8 hours of sleep, and were awake at 30 minutes into your next 90 minute cycle, your mind and body would ‘crave’ that last 60 minutes or more of sleep the rest of the day. So, try to plan your sleep around 90 minute cycles. Experiment with this and find what works best for you.

Knowing how important sleep and nutrition are in the grand scheme is a great starting point. Implement a sound nutritional and sleep plan will put you ahead of the game and get you on the right path to success.

Between workouts, games, or practices, it is also important to take care of your soft tissue and help facilitate the repairing process. Foam rollers, lacrosse balls, baseballs, softballs, PVC pipe, etc., are often used as tools for self myofascial release or self massage. For a video on foam rolling techniques, CLICK HERE.

Getting a sports massage by a licensed massage therapist can also be very helpful in addressing specific ‘problem’ areas.

Chiropractors, athletic trainers, and physical therapists, all of which have their own specialty and work well as a synergistic performance team, can also be very useful in keeping your body in balance and running smoothly on all cylinders during your annual performance plan.

Without a recovery plan, your performance will begin to suffer and you are at a much higher risk of injury, imbalance, and overuse issues.

Specificity of Training (Sport, Training Age) 
While it is important to begin with general (foundational) training and improving work capacity, as part of an athlete’s individualization with his/her training program, it is important to be acutely aware of sport participation and the needs/demands of each sport for each athlete.

Specificity is typically applied to energy system development (also known to most coaches and athletes simply as ‘conditioning’ for the sport). The longer an athlete has been training and the more advanced s/he becomes, the more specificity can be applied to the training regimen and methodology to continue to produce a higher transfer of the training to his/her sport skill.

Training age is important to make sure the athlete is beginning with the correct general (foundational) training protocols specific to his/her chronological age AND training age. Training age is how long the athlete has been training under professional guidance/instruction and chronological age is the athlete’s actual age from birth. For instance, there could be two 14 year old athletes (chronological age); one is new to training and one has been training for 2 years.

The individualized training programs would reflect the specific exercises and methods that would be appropriate for each, which would be different based on their difference in training age. Physical and mental maturity is also taken into consideration when programming for optimal results and effectiveness.

Training for Stability, Balance, and Coordination 
As a general rule, an athlete should always train in a stable environment and master this before move to an unstable training environment.

Stability training should be utilized for all joints and in different planes of movement.

Balance is often made too complicated, and should be both SAFE and EFFECTIVE. Doing crazy stunts and gimmicky or flashy balance and ‘stability’ training exercises should be kept for the circus, not the gym.

Athletes are required to balance and stabilize when executing single leg exercises, especially when moving, such as a walking lunge, in any direction. Squatting on one foot, in bare feet, or on a towel, or other slightly unstable surface can help with joint stability or balance.

Again, pushing the extremes here is just a gimmick, and there is no proof that this will improve a persons performance in proportion to the risk it may pose for injury, or for the time it takes to perform the exercise. If you are not in a specific balance sport (think certain events in gymnastics), then you shouldn’t need to be spending enormous amounts of time doing balance training. It would be taking away from the time you should be spending doing exercises that would be more beneficial to you and your development.

Coordination is a gained benefit from doing specific quickness and speed drills, or adding in multi-joint, multi-movement-plane, and multi-speed exercises.

 What kind of results could someone expect from using your services, from using the FINISH FIRST SPORTS SUCCESS Training System?


Some of the common results that we provide to our clients include:

 1. Increased Strength in your sport

2. Increased Power in your sport

3. Increased Endurance in your sport

4. Mental and physical toughness

5. Improved Confidence

6. Increased Flexibility

7. Increased Agility

8. Increased Quickness

9. Increased Mobility

10. Decreased Risk of Injury

11. Decreased down time after injury (recovery)

12. Increased ability to withstand contact (contact sports)

13. Improved fitness and performance testing results (training camps, combines, etc.)

14. Weight Loss

15. Weight Gain

16. Improved nutrition (dietary intake) for better fitness and performance

17. Improved hand-eye coordination

18. Improved Dynamic Vision

19. Improved Reaction time

20. Lengthen playing career (longevity of healthy sports participation)

21. Look better, feel better

22. Become a better team player

23. Become a better leader

24.  Improved health (lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, etc.)

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Matt Bartkowski with the Bruins "As you progress in hockey and aspire to get to higher levels, your off season training becomes increasingly important. Once I started training at Finish First I noticed a difference in my strength, speed, and power on and off the ice. There is no better place for a hockey player to train than Finish First. Where I am now in my career I can credit to Finish First, and I know continuing my training there will get me where I want to be."
--Matt Bartkowski, NHL Vancouver Canucks
Christian Hanson "Coach Jeremy Hoy and Finish First is one of if not the main reason I am where I am today. If it were not for his sport-specific training programs, I could only have dreamt of making it this far. Any athlete who has any aspirations of making it to the next level is foolish to not train with Finish First. Regardless of your current skill, going anywhere else to train is a waste of time, money and talent."
--Christian Hanson, NHL Forward (Retired)
Matt Bartkowski with the Bruins "I've been forutnate enough to train with Jeremy and Finish First for almost 20 years. His training system specifically addressed my needs as a developing youth hockey player and changed to specifically address my needs as I matured as a player throughout juniors, college, and the pros. Using the Finish First Sports Performance training programs, I was able to play at my strongest, fastest, and in the best shape possible, while staying healthy for a long productive career. I can't recommend this training enough. If you do it, and commit to getting better, you will get better--guaranteed!"
--Sean Berkstresser (Voss), 9 Year Professional Hockey Player, RMU NCAA D1 Hockey Alum
Miss Pennsylvania America 2011, Juliann Sheldon "Training for the Miss America pageant included 6 weeks of intense training at Finish First Sports performance. Coach Jeremy Hoy put my physical endurance to the test and pushed me to my limit. In those intense weeks of physical preparation, I truly learned what It meant to be an athlete. Training at FFSP can help ANY pageant girl become an athlete - She will look and feel her very best. ..."
--Miss Pennsylvania America 2011, Juliann Sheldon
Miss Pennsylvania America 2010, Courtney Thomas "Working out at Finish First Sports Performance with Jeremy Hoy was by far the best workout experience I've ever had. I spent six weeks going to FFSP two and three times a day and each time I had a unique workout that helped me achieve the results I desired. Jeremy was always so encouraging and pushed me both physically and mentally to reach my full potential. I went to Miss America in the best shape of my life and felt so confident and prepared..."
--Miss Pennsylvania America 2010, Courtney Thomas
Brianne McLaughlin, Goaltender, USA Women's Olympic Ice Hockey Team "Finish First has helped me to perform at my best and to be in the best shape possible in order to compete at the highest level. Jeremy's motivational attitude and custom workouts allow me to get the most out of my training - which is geared towards making me a better hockey player AND stronger athlete..."
--Brianne McLaughlin, Goaltender, USA Women's Olympic Ice Hockey Team
Miss Pennsylvania America 2009, Shannon Doyle "I spent six weeks at Finish First Sports Performance working intensely with Coach Hoy to prepare for the Miss America pageant. I worked out three times a day, every day! Coach Hoy pushed me harder than I ever could have imagined possible. When I felt defeated, he always had an inspirational story or quote to re-inspire me, and then he would push me harder. Jeremy saw an inner-strength and confidence in me even when I struggled to see it in myself. ..."
--Miss Pennsylvania America 2009, Shannon Doyle
Chris Kushneriuk, Professional Hockey Player for the Bakersfield Condors "Prior to training with Jeremy Hoy and the team at Finish First, one of the biggest knocks I received from coaches was my endurance. I would slowly wear down as the season went on, which would make me lose a step in a game where every inch is so important. Since I began my off-season training with Jeremy's programs in the summer of 09' this has no longer been an issue. ...Jeremy has made me a much more explosive and confident power forward. ..."
--Chris Kushneriuk, Professional Hockey Player (Retired)
Brock Meadows, Professional Hockey Player, Texas Brahmas "Jeremy Hoy and Finish First Sports Performance has by far been the best sport-specific training I've ever experienced. I've played for many teams and have had countless different trainers and training programs, and they weren't even close. The program is designed for me as a hockey player, to improve my performance on the ice. Hoy's program allowed me to stand out in hockey and move on to the next level. ..."
--Brock Meadows, Professional Hockey Player, Texas Brahmas (Retired)
Elyse Healy, Top 10 Miss PA 2010 "Having competed at the local, state and national levels before coming to Jeremy, I always knew how I wanted to look but never got precisely the results I was striving for. With FFSP, I was able to SURPASS my expectations and become the strongest competitor I could be. Combined with expertise in training, nutrition and overall health, I thank Jeremy and his staff for making me both mentally and physically STRONG! ..."
--Elyse Healy, Top 10 Miss PA 2010
Shauna Rice, 2009 & 2010 Preliminary Swimsuit Winner and Top 5 Finish "I trained under Jeremy Hoy at Finish First Sports Performance in preparations for the 2009 and 2010 Miss Pennsylvania pageants. I am proud to say that I was a preliminary swimsuit award winner both years! Jeremy gives his full attention to his clients and creates their routines and diet plans specifically for them. Jeremy trained me in ways I have never experienced before. New exercises, new muscles, and new pains! ..."
--Shauna Rice, 2009 & 2010 Preliminary Swimsuit Winner and Top 5 Finish
Denny Urban, Professional Hockey Player, Reading Royals "Each and every year you need to make sure that you are in your top shape when heading into the season. With the customized training that Jeremy Hoy and Finish First gives you, you get into your top shape so you have that edge over the other people. I can credit Finish First and Jeremy Hoy for where I am now in my career and where I want to be. If you are serious about making it to the next level and want to gain that edge over the others then I recommend training with Jeremy Hoy and Finish First."
--Denny Urban, Professional Hockey Player
Michael Houser, Goaltender, London Knights (OHL) "Jeremy and the coaches at Finish First Sports Performance have helped me prepare for each hockey season through intense hockey specific training. With the rigorous schedule of major junior hockey, my training experience at Finish First has helped me to stay strong and not wear down through the long season, and helped me to finish the year as strong and explosive as I started it."
--Michael Houser, Professional Hockey Goaltender
OHL Player of the year 2011-12
CHL Goaltender of the year 2011-12
Andrew Lister, RMU Men's ACHA D1 Ice Hockey "Training is a great way for an athlete to separate themselves from their competition. Finish First Sports Performance offers a unique training program that is tailored to your personal goals. As a hockey player, I quickly recognized the importance of lower body strength. My goal, when coming into Finish First, was to increase my leg strength. Coach Jeremy Hoy and his workouts have pushed me to reach my goal..."
--Andrew Lister, RMU Men's ACHA D1 Ice Hockey
Matt White, Professional Ice Hockey Player "I have been training with Coach Hoy for over five years and without his help and expertise I know that it would never have been possible for me to be where I am today. In training with Coach Hoy and the hockey specific training regimen he has designed, I have seen significant improvements each summer in my explosion, quickness, agility, strength, and endurance..."
--Matt White, Professional Ice Hockey Player
Parker Milner, Professional Ice Hockey Goalie "I have been working with Jeremy Hoy and Finish First since I was 12 years old, and he was the first person who taught me the importance of off-ice training. The unique, athlete specific training tailored to your particular sport is what makes Finish First so special. When you walk into Finish First, you know that you are stepping into an environment that will challenge and bring out the best in you..."
--Parker Milner, Professional Ice Hockey Goalie (2xNCAA D1 Champ)
Nick Jones, Professional Ice Hockey Player "When it comes to finding the perfect athletic performance training in Pittsburgh, the search starts and ends at Coach Hoy’s Finish First Sports Performance. As my hockey career has progressed, my off-season workouts have only gotten more and more essential. The sport-specific workouts put together by Coach Hoy and his staff has helped me add strength, speed, and endurance to my game that I did not possess before..."
--Nick Jones, Professional Ice Hockey Player
Noah Zamagias, Collegiate Golfer "Finish First Sports Performance and Jeremy Hoy are a true testament of passion and drive in personal health and fitness. With Coach Hoy and Finish First, I've found the same drive and discipline that is needed in finding and maintaining personal success and growth. Jeremy's principles and work ethic have pushed me to finding more inside and outside of the gym. Finish First breeds success and guarantees results..."
--Noah Zamagias, Collegiate Golfer
Drew Bohn, PGA Professional "I would highly recommend Finish First Sports to anyone who is looking to improve their sport specific performance and overall physical conditioning. I was looking to make my golf swing more efficient and was extremely satisfied with the workout programs and results. My core strength, flexibility and kinesthetic movements all improved which has positively affected my ball striking, balance and endurance..."
--Drew Bohn, PGA Professional

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