Football Weight Training

Speed, Strength AND Power Can All Be Trained in the Weight Room's true--you can use football weight training programs to address a football player's needs in speed, strength and the weight room...1st...

And then use additional training tools on the field for football speed training and football power training--to maximize his game!

Football players need to strong, powerful, fast, and conditioned to be able to withstand the forces at impact throughout the season.

Preventive measures should be taken to help reduce the risk of football injuries, but as with most contact sports, it's not a matter of whether or not injuries will occur, but rather how quickly the training staff can get the injured players back to normal and back into the game.

Some football strength coaches like to use Olympic weightlifting exercises for maximum power training, while others use box squats with chains and/or bands, combinations of plyometric exercises and weight training exercises, weighted medicine ball exercises, the use of a football sled, or a list of additional football weight training methods.

They keys here are finding something that produces results, knowing when to incorporate it into a specific program, how to properly progress it, and when to move on to something else (if applicable).

Football speed training is probably the most notorious type of speed training, especially with all the buzz around the 40 yard dash and the NFL draft. Most players are known for their athletic abilities as tested off the playing field.

The 40 yard dash test is a common test used in many sports, and in coaches and scouts in football have specific ranges of times that are expected from players at each position.

Once a player has developed strength and power in the weight room by using a well designed football weight training program, it is important to focus on learning the proper mechanics of the 40 yard dash.

Another common test is the vertical jump, or vertical leap. Football players need to be explosive, and this test is a great way to predict overall power in each athlete.

Football players will need to be conditioned according to their position, with wide receivers, and other skill position players needing to be able to run the longest at full speed. Many football strength training coaches like to condition the players specific to the amount of time it takes to execute a play, or a drive, and then repeat for the number of times this occurs in a quarter, or a game.

They need to be trained to recover quickly, and especially using specific energy systems to produce power endurance and sustain strength throughout the game.

In order to get a further understanding of what the sport of football demands out of the human body to be successful, take a quick look at the demands and training recommendations of the sport of football.

Or, if you just want to see some sample football weight training programs, check them out below--with videos and articles about training for football.

For more specific football weight training programs, please visit our products section, or Contact Us about programs in our local training area.


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